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Education & Career

We assist children with co-curricular work and guide them towards the right career.

Health & Life Skills

We are helping breed a generation with the capability to handle life situations

Sports & Recreation

Brains and fitness go hand in hand. We nurture an environment for recreational activities.

The Arts

A creative mind is a liberal mind. We help the children harness their creative abilities.

Character & Leadership

A great future needs responsible leaders and our facilitators help the children make better choices.

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My name is Onoriode Joshua and I am 16 years old. I am a grade 12 student, currently studying at Blue Eagle High School and I want to study civil engineer upon completion of my high school studies.
Joshu Onoriode's Testimony
Joshua Samuel Onoriode
Student & Leader
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The Shape Your Destiny Youth (SYDY) leadership Programme has been a blessing to my life because it has taught me a lot of things. I have learnt more about leadership, team work and how to be a confident speaker. One of the most important lessons I’ve learnt about life is that: “In life, everything is all about team work because you can never do it on your own. To become a challenger in the real world, you need to be confident and stand FIRM with what you believe in.” One thing I would improve with the program would be the venue in which sessions are carried out. It would have been better had we had one specific venue in which we use for the entire training. My special advice to the next generation that is yet to take part in this initiative would be "if you are given a chance to be part of the great body, my brothers and sisters, please grab it with both hands and legs because you will never regret it. That I guarantee you.

I would like to say a very big thank you to Boys and Girls Youth Africa (BGYA) for giving me such an opportunity to enrich my mind with so much information that is going to help me become a better person in the near future. To my mentors, sponsors and facilitators "The world needs people like you in order to make it a better place. Please do not stop enriching the minds of the youths as you have done to me and as you continue to do so, may the lord almighty keep on enriching you too. Thank you very much. Shalom ✌.

My name is Nthabeleng Mojai. I am a 16 year old young leader, currently doing my grade 12 at Cosmo City Secondary 1.
Nthabeleng Mojai's Testimonial
Nthabeleng MOJAI
Student & Leader
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In the Shape Your Destiny Youth (SYDY) leadership training, I've learnt to be a true leader. From first discovering who I am, welcoming challenges and seeking different views. I have also learnt how communication is important, to understand others so I can be understood as well as to talk less and listen more. I was taught on the importance of building relationships, to be accessible, how to give credit and gratitude. The most important lesson I learnt was “Being a true leader is about putting others first and you after.”


Being in the program has been of great help to me and those around me. When making decisions I would only think about myself not realizing that every decision I make affects people around me. During the program I learnt about the importance of writing down our vision statements, so that it may help me to know which steps to take next as well as to help me stay on track and not depart from it.  


After completing my matric (Grade 12) I want to further my studies by studying medicine specifically bachelor of medicine and surgery. With the knowledge and skills I have obtained in the training, I am now able put myself in other people’s shoes before concluding with a judgmental statement. I am now able to present myself to others and inspire them.

One thing I would improve about the program is having more mentors and have guest speakers each and every week. My advice to the upcoming group(s) which will take part in this initiative and every other young person out there is, “Be careful of decisions you make because they also affect people around you. Spend quality time on your interests and know that you've been sent for something bigger than self.”


To the entire Boys & Girls Youth Africa (BGYA) Team, I'd like to thank you for creating such a program where leadership skills are being taught. To the facilitators and sponsors, "The function of leadership is to produce more leaders not more followers" and that's exactly what you have created-true leaders. To all the sponsors who sponsored the program you will not regret ever trusting in us because we are about to do amazing things in this world.


My name is TENDAI MADEDE and I am 17 years old. I am a grade 12 student attending at Blue Eagle High School.
Tendai Madede's Testimony SYDY
Tendai Madede
Student & Leader
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My experience with Shape Your Destiny Youth (SYDY) was totally incredible. I have learnt that no matter how young you are, you can lead a nation. I have also learnt that everyone is a leader and a leader is a person who is responsible, a person who leads by example. Shape Your Destiny Youth (SYDY) has really helped me a lot in understanding my route to success and which steps to take next. When I complete high school, I would like to study law and help other African children from poor/less privileged backgrounds by offering them food and clothes to wear, so as to bridge the gap of POVERTY in our continent. The knowledge I obtained from the training will help me going forth by reminding me that I should believe in myself and always work hard regardless of the negative energy I may get from a variety of people.

One thing I can improve with this initiative is spreading it to all 9 provinces of the Republic and even further abroad to other African countries, so as to help many other African children in understanding themselves. My advice to my peers and the next generation is, “The road to success is not easy. So whatever you want to achieve in life, you must work hard and never give up. You should believe in yourself and know that you are capable.                                          

To the entire Boys & Girls Youth Africa (BGYA) management, I would like to appreciate the knowledge and skills you have transferred to me. I am now a young leader who believes in herself and I don't care about what people may say about me, but all thanks to you, I will definitely reach my Impumelelo.”                                          I would like to thank all the sponsors and the facilitators, you are the best and may the almighty God bless you all.

My name is Tumelo Class Makua. I'm a 16 year old young leader who is driven by passion and success. I am currently doing grade 12 at Blue Eagle High School, in Cosmo City.
Tumelo Makua's Testimonial- SYDY
Student & Leader
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My journey through Shape Your Destiny Youth (SYDY) was one in a million. The SYDY program stretches one's ability to think differently, view things in a different way and be creative not forgetting the fact that they make you connect with the right people who are out there making a difference. I am proud to say that this program has proven to be of help and importance to me. One of the things it helped me with is, to realize that us as the youth are capable of anything. They connected me with the right people and I'm glad to call myself a young entrepreneur in the making. They made me realize that I have talent and one of it is comedy. I'm a standup comedian and thrive at it, all thanks to Boys & Girls Youth Africa for unleashing my Talent.

I want to study Mechanical engineering and start my own business. I can achieve this using the skill that I would have learned in the course/field of study I have chosen and the skills I got from the training which Boys & Girls Youth Africa has offered to me and many other young people through SYDY.  Skills like thinking out of the box which will help grow my business.

One thing I would improve about the program is the food that they serve. I understand that the snacks they offered during the sessions were funded directly from their pockets but it would be great to have external bodies supporting this initiative and improving the quality of service rendered. My advice to every young person out there is, “That young and developing brain of yours is the key to your success and don't let it just be an ordinary part of your body. Take the first step on becoming somebody and the first step must be joining programs like Shape Your Destiny Youth (SYDY).

 I would like to say thank you Boys & Girls Youth Africa (BGYA). You guys are truly making a difference in young people like me. With your help, I have become a weapon for success and I say Thank you not only for me but for the other leaders who ran this journey with me.

To the sponsors and facilitators, you guys have been working day in and day out just to give us the best of the sessions and service. It is through you that we were able to attend the program and have something to feed our tummies in the process, providing us with the materials we need for the program to be successful and not forgetting linking us to the right people who are business men and women, leading leaders in our country and well known people in their professions.


My Name is Phakamani Lungelihle Kubheka. I'm a 17 year old Student at Blue Eagle High School and I’m born a leader, driven by passion an originality. I want to pursue a career in Forensic Pathologist and an Entrepreneurship.
Phakamani Tells his journey & Experiance with BGYA
Phakamani Lungelihle Kubheka
Student & Leader
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Boys and Girls Youth Africa has unleashed and shacked out my potential like soda the inside a Can. There are two important principles that I have learnt during the training namely: INDENTITY AND RELATIONSHIPS. These two principles caught me off guard and left me thinking that if u can look at them thoroughly they work hand in hand. If you have a weak identity it affects you because that means that you won't be able to be aware of yourself and your surroundings and hence you won’t be able to present yourself in the eyes of other people. And with all that I got from the training, I will use it to better myself and the lives of those around me.

My words of advice to my peers and the younger generation out there is that, “As an individual you need to be Aware of yourself and your surrounding as this gives you a Strong Identity. A strong identity helps your understand more about yourself as this help you take your own decisions which will not lead you astray.”

I would like to send a word of appreciation to every individual who made provided us with such a great opportunity to be part of such an inspiring initiative. To every member of the Boys & Girls Youth Africa (BGYA) Team, including the sponsors of the Event, I WOULD LIKE TO SAY Thank you very much. Without you, I would still have been lost thinking I’m in the right direction. It shows that there are elderly individuals who still believe in us the Youth as we are the future of tomorrow.

Thank You.

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