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Boys and Girls Youth Africa known as BGYA, is a newly established Non-Profit Organisation founded by Emmah Matlhola, but due to her other pressing commitments she handed over the BGYA program to four youth members who are now Directors and core founders of BGYA NPC. However, Emmah is steering BGYA holding the cap of the BGYA President to ensure that the dream for BGYA is realised, and assisting to groom and nurture the Youth Executive Members.

Boys and Girls Youth Africa (BGYA) is 100% governed and controlled by African men and women who are passionate about the success of young people. The office of the BGYA President, her vices and Board of Directors ensures good governance and oversees the Boys and Girls Youth Africa Program. The organisation was established in October 2012 as a club, known as Cosmo City Young Stars Club.  Many communities and professionals got attracted to the work that this club is doing for the community of Cosmo City. These professionals together with the BGYA Executives then decided to extend their services to areas like Diepsloot, Kyasand and currently working on a possible partnership with some of the stakeholders in North West.

Cosmo City Young Stars Club was then converted and registered as a Non-Profit Company in March 2016, and was then called Boys and Girls Youth Africa (BGYA). This is because the organisation now has African leaders, managers, mentors and supporters (from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Mozambique, etc.) and it is intending to cater all African Boys, Girls and Youth.

Since Boys and Girls Youth Africa (BGYA) does not have venues, the organisation provides its services directly to schools and various organisations that deal with youth activities and projects. Annually, the organisation enrols a minimum number of 600 children attending from primary schools, 400 learners from high schools and 300 post matriculants.

BGYA collaborates with other stakeholders such as higher institutions, tutoring companies, community stakeholders, religious fraternity, government bodies, youth movements and other private sectors to offer youth intervention skills. The organisation enrols members from 02 Years to 35 Years old irrespective of colour, race, religion or backgrounds to various projects.

The organisation does not have financial support yet, it depends entirely on donation of resources and support from volunteering unemployed matriculants, professionals (who are willing to give back to the community through skills transfer), Public and Private Stakeholders as articulated above.


  • To eradicate poverty through education, assist to redress the educational imbalances of the past that has resulted in the present generation of illiterate or semi-illiterate adults who are regarded as unemployable.
  • To create a culture of learning that highlights the imperativeness of education in the new dispensation.
  • To ensure that all young Africans receive matric or NQF L4 or any equivalent minimum qualification to become capacitated and competent.
  • To ensure that all young African remain negative from addictive substance and commit to a healthy life style for the betterment of their future.



To assist individuals (young and old) in the identified areas with the following opportunities:

Þ Assist children to have a genuine opportunity to realise their fullest potential.

Þ Provide children with hope and the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Þ Develop skills, create role models in the community and create a team environment.

Þ Create an opportunity to earn a living, eradicate poverty and maximise potential.                                     

Þ To provide support and leadership during the process of finding or creating work.

Þ Create and retain a healthy living life-style and environment.

Þ To create learning opportunities for young people to develop new skills.

Þ To assist  the youth explore their common and different goals while acknowledging the strength of their diversity.

The proposed core Program Areas are: 

  • Formal Education
  • Vocational Training
  • Public Speaking Workshops
  • Career Development & Expo
  • Sport Festivals
  • Arts & Culture Festivals
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Events Management
  • Media Lessons
  • Community Work
  • Leadership and management
  • Health & Fitness
  • Entrepreneurial Skill Development

Identified Challenges

Young people are facing many challenges (that stem and begin from our social economic

Imbalances) such as:

  • Substance abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Unemployment/ Underemployment
  • Lack/ Poor Skills development
  • Teenage Pregnancy
  • Rape /Gender –Violence
  • Abuse
  • Crime
  • Lack of Sporting and Recreational facilities
  • Poor Education
  • Dropout

The success of Boys and Girls Youth Africa program is as a result of stakeholders’ and teamwork support. The organisation has a fantastic, enthusiastic, trained, committed, outcome driven and passionate team. Collectively they ensure that the projects run smoothly under committed, responsible and accountable leadership and management. The organisation provides a platform for young people to express themselves fully and experience supportive relationships, and exposure to opportunities. BGYA believes that all young people are capable, have potential and if they are mentored and nurtured correctly their future is protected.

Organisations supporting Boys and Girls Youth Africa

  • City of Joburg, Directorates of Sport and Recreation, Department of Social Development and Department of Development Planning
  • Cosmo City Sasol
  • Cosmo Junction
  • Oarephedisa Health Care
  • A-Team Health and Fitness
  • Cosmo FM
  • Earth Rulers
  • Christ Embassy: Cosmo City Sandton Group
  • Cosmo City Postnet
  • Siyabuselela Learners’ Transport
  • Takani Kidz
  • Musa Mohau
  • Purpose-Clinic
  • Cosmo City Sport Forum
  • Cosmo City Football Association
  • Mabogo Dinku JW Primary Projects
  • Monash SA
  • Fourways Adult Basic Education & Training Centre
  • Blue Eagle High School
  • Muzomuhle Primary School
  • RiesLearn Academy
  • Strategy International

Annual Events

  • Year opening celebration (February)
  • Youth of the year Awards (February)
  • All African nations Cup – No to Xenophobic attack tournament (March)
  • Auditions/ Competitions: Build-up activities for youth day celebration (March-May)
  • National Aerobics (March)
  • Leadership and Management Training (March-May, August-October)
  • Entrepreneurial Incubators (March-May, August-October)
  • Seminars (March-May, August-October)
  • Career Expo (March-May, August-October)
  • Holiday Programs (March/April, June/July, September & November/ December)
  • Boys & Girls Workshop ( May)
  • Mothers’ Day celebration (May)
  • Rock climbing Competitions (May/ June)
  • Youth Day Celebration – ‘Education for all’ campaign (June)
  • Soccer, Netball  & Rugby Festival (June, September & December)
  • Senior Citizens celebration (July)
  • Mandela Day Celebration  (July)
  • Woman’s Day Celebration (August)
  •  Boxing tournament (August)
  • Heritage festival (September)
  • Leadership Debate (September)
  • Fun Run/Walk (September)
  • Heritage Day Celebration (September)
  • Matric Valediction Support (October)
  • Year-end Function (December)

2017 Weekly Activity Calendar for BGYA





 Boys & Girl Youth Africa (BGYA)

Contact People:


@ 073 743 1942 or


@081 504 8221

Homework assistance

Mondays  - Fridays ( 2pm - 3pm)


Library Visit/ Book Club Activities, Leadership discussion, Debate, Computer lessons, Boxing

Mondays ( 3pm – 4pm)

Drama,  Poetry,  Drawing, Rock Climbing, Rugby

Tuesdays ( 3pm – 4pm)

Soccer, Netball, Indigenous games, Boxing, Karate, Rugby, Rock Climbing, Boxing, Modern Dance

Wednesdays (3pm – 4pm)

Cultural music & dance, Rock climbing, Computer, Rugby

Thursdays (3pm – 4pm)

Beauty Contest & Modeling, Kidz  Show @ Cosmo FM, Hip-Hop & Kwaito, Boot Camp, Modern Dance

Fridays (1pm - 3pm)

Bible Study

Fridays (3pm - 4pm)

BGYA Youth Intervention

Grade 12 Extra Lessons

Contact person:


@ 061 126 5205

Maths & Maths Literacy

 Mondays (4h30pm – 6pm)

Physical  Science

Tuesdays (4h30pm – 6pm)


Wednesdays (4h30pm – 6pm)

Life Science & Accounting

Thursdays (4h30pm – 6pm)


Entrepreneurial Incubation

Youth Leadership and Management Training

Saturday (07h00-12h00)

Saturday (13h00-17h00)


Maths & Physic, Accounting & Eco

Sundays (12h00-17h00)


Matric Re-Write &  Matric up-grade

(Offers May/ June Examinations & October/ November Examinations)

Mon-Fri (08h30-13h30)


Art Projects

Wednesdays (13h00-16h00)








SWOT Analysis



Ø  Hard working, passionate Directors

Ø  Good relationships with clients

Ø  Highly skilled & experienced leaders

Ø  Well defined operational Constitution & Policies

Ø  Uncertain budget since the organisation depends on sponsors, donors, community developers and investors.


Ø  Attraction of more participants both from South African and foreign Nationals due to the nature of program implemented.

Ø  The chance of finding resources including capital through Public and Private Sectors.


Ø  Political conflicts among residents/ community      members

Ø  Security challenges

Ø  Competitors taking clients

Ø  Loss of sponsors/ investors

Ø  Loss of competent and capacitated employees and volunteers due to lack of funds to compensate their services

NB: We welcome partnership with any committed organisation, any type of donation/ sponsorship and we promise to make sure that we utilize any given resource fruitfully for the benefit of our young people. Our monitoring and evaluation team make it their priority to inform all involved about any progress or challenges experienced by the organisation for the betterment and development of BGYA Organisation.

The organisation will always appreciate all potential partners who assist with resources to make it possible to expand and service African communities with pride. BGYA appreciate generous support of all organisations that came forth to impact positively in the lives of BGYA Members. Dr Nelson Mandela once said ‘there is a hero in every child”, let us make it our responsibility to identify all those heroes and heroines and ensure that the future of the Futures is protected, because “The future depends on All of Us”.

Many thanks for your generous support.



Ø  Chairperson: Skhumbuzo Nxumalo

Ø  Deputy Chairperson: Mpumi Simbine

Ø  Secretary:  Kgomotso Tshetlhanyane

Ø  Deputy Secretary: Joseph Matlhola

Ø  Treasurer: Tsholofelo Moreosele

Ø  Additional member: David Lukhele

Ø  Additional member:  Otlotleng Matlhola

Ø  Additional member: Irvin Dzakatira

Ø  BGYA President: Emmah Matlhola

Ø  BGYA Vice President: David Lukhele

Ø  BGYA Vice President: Otlotleng Matlhola

Ø  Presidential Office Strategic Advisor:  Juliana Magaiza

Ø  BGYA CEO: Ronald Kwenda

Ø  BGYA CFO: Ntombi Lukhele

Ø  BGYA COO: Kudakwashe Dzakarita

Ø  BGYA HR & Admin Director: Samantha Moyo

Ø  BGYA Youth Development Director: Baloyi Theresho

Ø  BGYA IT Director: Paul Dzamara

Ø  BGYA Marketing & Consulting Director: Tebogo Molefi

Ø  BGYA Academic Director: Caroline Libongani

Ø  BGYA Safety, Security, Health, Environment & Quality Assurance: Joseph Matlhola


  • Emmah Matlhola


  • Skhumbuzo Nxumalo



To maintain a level of motivation and moral recreational activities are organised from time to time.


Facilitators help teach children some important things they may have missed in school classes.


Prize giving days are one way we motivate the children to do more and for those watching to work harder.

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To be the leading organisation in Africa by 2030 that educates, protects and upholds the rights and responsibilities of children and youth.


Act as a link between Department of Education, Community Development, Health Development, and Social Development ensuring that young people are equipped, empowered and uplifted. Educate young persons with skills and knowledge while unfolding the hidden talents.


- Assess the current state of life of all young African and identify their challenges and problems.

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- Find ways or solutions to solve their problems and challenges - Find ways or solutions to solve their problems and challenges 

- Build coalition with other organisations (religious fraternity, public sectors, private sectors, etc.) to assist sustaining youth empowerment and upliftment, nurturing and growing all participants through the gospel of God while saving lives, dignity, and reputation of both communities and government.

- Create job opportunities while building new image, Competence, and Culture of all participants.