Too many concerns have been raised with regards to the leadership of Africa. Everyone has their own opinion in terms of how community leaders, provincial and national leaders should lead, but then again there is a twisted misconception within the youth in understanding what it means to be a leader, which we intend to clarify with this specific debate.

Every young person in South Africa has a freedom of speech. However, we cannot neglect the fact that it’s not every voice of a young person that is raised that gets recognition/attention at the end of the day. Hence, the purpose of this leadership debate is to provide a platform for the young people in our society to make their voices heard of the day to day challenges they encounter and thereby providing solutions and a way forward as the future leaders of this continent; and also to ensure that we raise a generation of well-informed young people who can think critically, reason and deal with life’s challenges at hand thus making a positive impact in their lives and areas of residence.

We want to raise a generation of less reluctant young people, who are more pro-active in getting things done themselves rather than expecting things to be done for them. With the “Education and democracy” we have received, so much can be done to empower ourselves as young people and the lives of others in the process, but because of the comfort zone, lack of a vision, and making excuses, we then limit ourselves and hence the growth and development of our communities. For there to be growth and development in African countries, it takes a collective effort. Hence we say, with ONE VOICE (collectively as the youth regardless of our backgrounds or standards of living), we can move Africa towards ONE DIRECTION”. Nevertheless, we cannot shy away from the fact that there is a lot that the young people of our generation encounter which affects their daily lives and hence the way they perceive the future.

The generation of 1976 fought for “Education for ALL”. The generation of Nelson Mandela fought for democracy for both South African citizens and all who live in it. Nevertheless, we can’t shy away from the fact that after 23 years of Democracy a lot has happened in South Africa, much has been achieved and that happened because of the better education and democracy South Africans received. The buzzing question would be, what are we as the youth to fight for? What sets us apart from the two mentioned generations?

The aim of this debate is not in defeating someone with clever logic. It is to help the youth develop certainty in their day to day encounters which are influenced by either them as the youth or the leaders in their lives. The key is not just in presenting the best to prove your point right but also in exploring each other’s points of view with an open mind, not trying so hard to prove the other person wrong.  This debate provides a platform for the young people in our society to speak openly about their opinions and try to solve societies’ illnesses/failures.  Hence, it gives each debater or participant a chance to publicly prove the correctness of their ideas thus opening a door of knowledge to add on what they may already have.


The debate will consist of two teams each with 20 participants (10 from each team), a panel of judges (3 Judges), 5 dignitaries (community leaders), two Hosts, and an audience of 30 people. All in all, we will have a total attendance of 60 people. The involvement of community leaders is to provide the young leaders with proper guidance through various comments in specific topics where necessary. In as much as the audience will be involved, the debater will need to score a decisive victory to guarantee themselves a winner. Nevertheless, the involvement of the crowed will be in commenting on a few points made by the debaters and also in posing some questions for clarity.



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