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Shape Your Destiny Youth (SYDY), as a brain-child of Boys & Girls Youth Africa, is an initiative that is mainly built to train, equip, inspire & impact the young leaders in Africa with leadership, entrepreneurial and life mastery skills which will bridge the gap between the schooling system & the world at large. SYDY has a sole purpose of ensuring that we have well-informed young leaders who can think critically, reason and deal with life’s challenges at hand, while contributing positively to their families, communities and Africa at large. This initiative focuses on the mental, spiritual, emotional, physical and entrepreneurial development of an individual.


Equipped with the best education, access to a limitless amounts of information and access to a global economy our youths seem to struggle to thrive. Teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, gangs, lack of entrepreneurship abilities and little leadership still plague our world. The youth is the future of this world and as witnessed in the June 16 uprisings some 41 years ago the youth have tremendous influence on the future of any country. There are many adults who helped shape those youth back then. Today we have such a dilemma in our country and the world and once again brave, compassionate and visionary men and organisations need to rise up and empower our youths to be the great leaders they can be.

This program is such an initiative which aims to build a strong sense of identity, accountability and purpose in our youth. We are asking you to search your heart and decide if you will be part of the transformation or part of those who will look away.



What is this initiative about?

This initiative is developed to inspire and equip the youth (15-25 years) with leadership and life mastery skills that will enable them to deal with life’s challenges and contribute positively to their countries and the world. Beneficiaries are equipped to lead others towards meaningful change emotionally, physiologically, mentally and spiritually. Community and national programs are expected to be founded and run by beneficiaries of the initiative and the impact monitored. These programs are from school level to large community programs addressing important issues like job creation, drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, HIV etc.

The next question is HOW?

The global problem we face today is lack of leadership, in politics, schools, companies, organisations and homes. We believe everyone is born a potential leader and that leadership should be developed. Without this development this great treasure remains hidden. The reason is that without a strong sense of IDENTITY there is little chance of true mind transformation that leads to change. With the primary focus being on three main topics;

  1. IDENTITY – [who am I and why am I unique and special?]
  • Solves issues of low self-esteem that results in suicides and other stress related ailments.
  • Solves issues of low moral values that leads to drug abuse, pregnancies etc.
  • Solves issues of eating disorders and self-destructive sexual behaviour.
  • Helps one identify their purpose [What they want to do with their lives]
  1. RELATIONSHIPS – [are the core of healthy and growing societies]
  • Solves issues of racial and gender discrimination.
  • Encourages the formation and maintenance of stable communities
  • Teaches on personal and business networking.
  • Helps with raising awareness against xenophobia.
  1. LEADERSHIP – [how do I inspire others in the process of achieving my purpose?]
  • Helps with vision setting and sharing.


  • Helps with the acquisition of skills in:
  • Communication incl. public speaking and presentations.
  • CV writing and Interview skills
  • Entrepreneurial skills and problem solving
  • Budgeting and debt management
  • Project management, planning and strategy
  • Lifelong learning and self-development
  • Social media and the internet


  • Helps develop the following leadership traits:
  • Humility
  • Sacrifice
  • Accountability
  • Resilience
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Passion


This is how you can contribute:

We request for your support in terms of outsourcing places, homes, companies or institutions where we can do interns voluntarily as a means of our service towards giving back; A venue to do lessons once a week in the afternoon and any form of sponsorship possibly be it printing of the manuals materials or stationary necessary for the success of the program or a monetary value to sponsor one or many is advantaged students who would love to SHAPE THEIR DESTINIES. The program takes a maximum of 30 students for effectiveness. We know this program works as evidenced in our pilot mainly because it deals with the three main facets of success, one’s IDENTITY, one’s RELATINSHIPS and one’s LEADERSHIP skills which is in contrast with programs that are only knowledge based. There are a lot of practicals, all relevant to the themes, assessments and topics at hand. We also partner with different stakeholders who help by providing relevant training modules for the various training offered within the course.

Students are required to bring their own notebooks and other relevant stationery. However, in most cases the students we work with are from less privileged backgrounds hence we take it upon ourselves to outsource for necessary intervention for such students. Upon completion of the training, we aim to allocate mentors to each and every student based on their future goals, interests, talents and projects at hand. Hence we also welcome mentors to assist. The program runs over 10 weeks (plus 1 additional week for putting their skills to work in the community), with one session per week and each session lasting for four hours. Upon completion there is a certification of attendance issued and gift packs. In total, the cost of the whole program is R1000 per learner. This will cover their training manuals, snacks during sessions, field trips, certification upon completion of the training as well as gift packs.

However, we understand that many children we service are from poor or less privileged backgrounds, hence through the assistance from various community stakeholders, subsidiaries and individuals like YOU, WE AIM TO MAKE THE PROGRAM FREE AND OPEN TO EVERY DISADVANTAGED AFRICAN CHILD.